IPL on the Sunshine Coast at Cottontree Clinic

IPL is intense pulsed light which is specially filtered to target certain structures and layers within the skin. Here at our Sunshine Coast clinic we use the new generation M22 medical grade IPL machine, which safely and effectively targets hair, pigment and broken capillaries while stimulating collagen fibroblasts to produce more collagen. Computer controlled beams of intense pulsed light dissolve skin blemishes. This skin rejuvenation treatment is ideal for anyone with photodamage, pigmentation, freckles, age spots, broken capillaries, rosacea, and also to rejuvenate the skin. Clinical studies confirm that new collagen is generated, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

IPL offers a non-invasive solution, individually tailored to your skin type, with no down-time. An anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin prior to treatment to minimize any discomfort. The most common treatments are performed on the face, neck, chest and hands.

Aside from skin rejuvenation, IPL can also be used for permanent hair reduction as an alternative to laser, and can be performed at our Sunshine Coast Clinic. IPL is most effective for removing dark, coarse hair on fair skin, and can be performed on most areas of the body. Intense Pulse Light emits light at a specific wavelength and energy that targets and inactivates those unwanted hair follicles. Several treatments are usually required to achieve a permanent hair reduction, and these are performed at monthly intervals. World-wide clinical trials has shown Intense Pulse Light hair removal to be remarkably safe.

For more information on IPL skin rejuvenation and hair removal on the Sunshine Coast at Cottontree Clinic, or to book your initial appointment, call us on (07) 5479 5355 now.