Lip Augmentation in our Sunshine Coast Clinic

Lip augmentation provides you a way to get the plump, full lips you’ve always wanted. If you have naturally thinner lips, or your lips have lost mass with age, you are able to restore them to a fuller state to easily get a more kissable pout.

Put simply, the injectable lip fillers enhance the natural shape of your lips to provide your face with lips that complement your natural beauty. The process involves injecting dermal fillers into the lips with precision, and correcting finer lines and wrinkles in the spaces around your mouth.

Our clinicians take into consideration both the existing shape of your lips and the areas around your mouth to enhance your smile in the most natural way possible. We have been trained extensively in the field, and are able to take on this delicate art with ease. They’ll create you a smile that you can treasure.

We will advise you on care after your lip augmentation

After your treatment, you may experience some bruising or swelling. This is completely normal but there are some steps you can take to reduce the chance of this happening. If you are worried, speak to your clinician who will provide you more information on the proper treatment.

That said, the treatment has little downtime, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your new smile in barely any time at all.

Contact us for information on treatment in the Sunshine Coast

We offer after-hours appointments and sessions on weekends to give you the greatest flexibility when it comes to your cosmetic treatment appointments. Ask us how to book a session outside normal business hours and fit your treatment into your busy schedule.

Contact our salon for more information on our treatments or to book an appointment with our trained beauty therapists. We will develop a plan for your lips, whether you are looking for stand-alone lip augmentation or to pair your augmentation with hair removal, skin rejuvenation or wrinkle reduction.

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