We pride ourselves on patient care. Here are a few lovely testimonials we’d like to share with future patients, or those that are just a little curious in learning more about the experience here at Cottontree Clinic. Have a read….

Mary-Anne, 56

I’ve loved my experiences. I may not openly share it with friends or family, but I love the way I feel after meeting with Sue. Her experience makes me comfortable and I have never felt better about myself since beginning my treatments with her a few years ago. The results, to me are just wonderful.

Jarred, 29

I’m a brickie and spend a lot of time in the sun. I have realised how much damage I have been doing over the years. I’ve had a number of treatments with Deb and am loving the results. My skin looks healthy, instead of sizzled and patchy.

Anonymous, 45

Like anyone else, before coming to the clinic I was sceptical. I was nervous about the outcomes, I wasnt sure whether it was worth the risk. My first visit was great. I felt comfortable and enjoyed the private nature of my appointment. I would recommend the clinic to anyone at my age that is feeling a little unhappy with their appearance. Looking in the mirror now, just makes me feel like I’m in my 30’s again. I like that. Subtle results, but an amazing feeling. Thank you!